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back pain near me new haven
  • Temporary Relief of minor muscles & joint pain stiffness

  • Temporary Relief of minor joint pain

  • Temporary Increase in local circulation where applies

  • Relaxation of muscles

Everyone’s spine is different. Robotic Back Reviver's SPINAL SCANNING technology analyzes & recognizes these differences to provide users a customized massage, tailored to the user’s unique body & “spinal line”. The clients spinal length, distribution of weight, and degree of spinal curvature and flexion are analyzed. You will then get massaged by hot jade rollers from the skull base to the bottom of the spine. Gently stretching neck & back and widening the disc space for pain relief

Our Robotic Back Reviver provides an all-in-one benefits of acupressure, deep-tissue massage, stretching, and hot infrared jade stone therapy.

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