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In today’s dynamic world, professional athletes and active gym members alike only have a short amount of time dedicated to proper stretching after vigorous exercise. As a result, painful toxins can build up in targeted muscle areas, leaving one feeling tired and sore. Imagine if you could eliminate metabolic waste from your muscles at an accelerated rate, decreasing pain, soreness and fatigue. A process that usually takes your body several hours or even days to accomplish can be reduced to just a few hours with the help of the NormaTec Recovery system. Utilizing a series of specifically designed chambered garments including boots, pants, jackets and sleeves, these high-tech compartments release waves of compressed air in order to release and increase blood circulation in concentrated muscles in the arms or legs or chest areas.

Scientifically, lactic acid is a natural byproduct of muscular exertion, causing soreness, achiness and tenderness in the muscles. Lactic acid accompanies another metabolic waste product called hydroxyproline. These metabolic waste products can be expelled naturally over time; however, most people who work out casually do not practice a thorough stretch session after a serious workout. The process of NormaTec Compression aids in the recovery of mild to major workouts.

Historically, the air compression system was originally developed to treat circulatory issues, such as arterial and venous disease, lymphedema and problems associated with diabetes. Since its origin, the compression system has been adapted for use with specific muscle groups around the body and is now available to athletes, workout enthusiasts, coaches and trainers as an additional form of physical therapy. A NormaTec Compression therapy session lasts just a few hours, offering physical therapy benefits equivalent to up to two days of rest.

Muscle Therapy Wellness Lounge utilizes NormaTec Compression therapy to improve circulation and the elimination of painful toxins in the body. This specific form of compression therapy speeds up the recovery process for athletes, sports practitioners and coaches, flushing toxins out of the body at an accelerated rate. NormaTec Compression enables you to enjoy the benefits of eliminating metabolic waste buildup in affected muscles hours sooner than would normally be expected. With the help of the NormaTec Recovery system, waste removal can occur in just one or two hours in a physical therapy session, allowing for oxygen and nutrients to flow back into the muscles, speeding up muscle recovery time.

Benefits of NormaTec Compression Recovery Session:

  • Increase the number and intensity of training activities within a given time frame

  • Improve the consistency and efficiency of training

  • Minimize minor aches and pains / prevent them from becoming serious injuries

  • Speed up the healing process if injuries do occur

  • Rapidly overcome the effects of sedentary travel i.e. a long flight

  • Speeds Lactate Clearance

  • Reduces Soreness

  • Improves Range of Motion

  • Increases FMD systematically– (arterial dilation, an indicator of vascular function)

  • Improves Blood Flow in capillaries locally

  • Lowers Oxidative Stress

  • Increases RPS-6 – (Essential protein for rebuilding and repairing muscles)

  • Increases eNOS – (precursor to Nitric oxide)

  • Increases PGC1alpha – (metabolic regulator in the cells)

  • Demonstrates Thermography impact on treated and contralateral limb. (As an indicator of improved systematic circulation.)

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